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Shirakami Fubuki · 白上フブキ

Virtual Youtuber

Shirakami Fubuki (白上フブキ) born October 5 is a fox girl in Hololive 1st Generation and is the leader of hololive GAMERS.
She is most known for her short-skit videos posted on Twitter and Youtube.
Having an exposure to western and eastern culture memes, she demonstrates it to her audience in some shape or form.
She is dubbed as the "Queen of Memes", among other related titles that the fans have given her.

She plays a variety of games, and often loves to try out any kind of games in any genres. Despite saying that she doesn't like horror games, she seems to enjoy streaming and playing them. When she was asked about her skills, she admitted that she had terrible aim in FPS games. She is also known to be a poor driver, having a tendency to mess around with her colleagues to get a laugh out of them as well.

She is known to be a whale (high spender) in gacha games and any other games with similar aspects, and has shown streaming her rolls in mobile games like FGO and Twisted Wonderland.

In Japanese, the onomatopoeia for a fox’s bark is “kon-kon.” which sounds like "corn". As a result, corn has become Fubuki’s representative emoji.

Taken from Shirakami Fubuki Wiki