Fubuki Mascots/Variants


The Sukonbu/Sucorns (すこん部) represent the Fubuki fans as a whole. They are white creatures with fox ears and a tail made of corn. The design for the Sucorns originates from a stream prior to the "From 1st" concert.

The Japanese fans are more commonly referred to as Sucorns or Sukonbu, while the overseas viewers are more commonly called Friends. The Japanese mascot typically wears a scarf resembling her original outfit while the overseas mascot wears a ribbon resembling her 3rd Birthday outfit.

The meaning of the name derives from many words. "Kon" is the Japanese onomatopoeia for foxes. "Suko" is slang for liking something, and 部 (bu) means club. "Kon" and "corn" are similar sounding, which explains the Sukonbu having corn for a tail. Sukonbu also refers to a dried seaweed snack.


Oruyanke (おるやんけ) are bamboo shoots with Fubuki's tail and ears. The name very roughly means, "They're there!" in Kansai dialect, referring to how bamboo grows in many places and conditions.
The mascot originated sometime during or before September 2018, making it one of, if not the oldest mascots Fubuki has. Oruyanke also make an appearance in Azur Lane, being a part of Fubuki's character in it.


Miteiru (ミテイル) is a mascot that was introduced shortly after her birthday in 2020. The mascot fittingly has a tie resembling her third birthday outfit, and also has a similar tail to Fubuki's,

The name means "see" or "watch," and it is said to be able to stretch and grow in various ways. Alongside that, it is very soft, sticks to the ceiling, and doesn't blink. It has also been revealed that the miteiru is edible and apparently, delicious.


Fubuzilla (フブラ/Fubura) is a kaiju variation of Fubuki, which can shoot beams from its mouth. It first appeared in a Holo no Graffiti episode. The name is a fairly obvious combination of "Fubuki" and "Godzilla."

That 6 Winged Guy

That Six Winged Guy (6枚羽のアイツ) is a being created by Fubuki. It was born during a Rakugaki Kingdom Stream. Fubuki often referred to it as the son of her and the viewers, even letting the viewers name it. The alternative names included Phantom, (ファントム) Dringo (ドリンゴ) and Chimeramingo. (キメラミンゴ)

Yukkuri Fubuki

Fubuki's yukkuri form is a variation of Fubuki. It is a head of Fubuki which speaks particularly slowly and monotonously. The name in means slowly in Japanese, and the form originates from a Touhou meme, where heads resembling characters say "ゆっくりしていってね!!!" (Yukkuri shite ne!!!) This roughly translates to "Take it easy!" explaining her odd behavior when in yukkuri form.

Kurokami Fubuki

Kurokami Fubuki (黒上フブキ) is a roommate of Shirakami Fubuki. She contrasts with Shirakami in many ways, such as having a dark color palette, a lower voice, and a more aggressive personality. She tends to think of the viewers as servants instead of friends, though it doesn't appear to trouble anybody.
Her birthday is on September 6, being the day before her "debut" on September 7. A lot of people enjoy her appearances due to their uncommon nature, among other things.